A Terrier Tunnel is a unique dog bed designed like a dog sleeping bag with a cosy little tunnel for your Terrier to burrow into and curl up for a really cosy snooze.

Terrier Tunnels

Perfect For Terriers

That Love To Burrow

And Sleep Under Blankets

Super-Cute. Super-Cosy.

All kinds of Terrier type dogs love Terrier Tunnels! Terriers love to sleep tucked up all cosy and snug, as if in their own little burrow. Jack Russell Terriers, Fox Terriers, Border Terriers, English Toy Terriers, Boston Terriers, Bull Terriers, Manchester Terriers … the list goes on!

So why do they love Terrier Tunnels? The word Terrier comes from the French word ‘terre’ which in turn is derived from the Latin ‘terra’ (earth). Terrier type dogs were originally bred as feisty little working dogs to hunt and control small vermin including rats, rabbits, foxes and even badgers – both above and below ground hence the burrowing instinct.

In the recent past most Terrier type dogs have been bred and kept as companion dogs but nearly all have retained some of those natural terrier instincts – including burrowing and diving into snug little spaces which is why they love Terrier Tunnels!

But it’s not just Terriers that love Terrier Tunnels, lots of Hound type and Sighthound dogs love them too, from Dachshunds to Vizslas and Italian Greyhounds to Whippets!

Terrier Tunnel Dog Bed by Charley Chau

Dachshunds and Sighthounds love Terrier Tunnels too!

The Terrier Tunnel style dog bed in the photo above is a Charley Chau Snuggle Bed, by award-winning luxury dog bedding designers, Charley Chau (www.charleychau.com).

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