All Dogs Should Be This Cosy!

Terrier Tunnel Bunk Bed!

Quality Snuggle Time In Her Terrier Tunnel

A Very Comfy Jack Russell In Her Terrier Tunnel!

Zzzzz ...

Vizsla Takeover Of The Terrier Tunnel!

Terrier Tunnels Are Good To Share

Sighthounds Love Terrier Tunnels Too!


Super-cosy and super-sweet!

Dachshunds Are Great Tunnelers Too!

Border Terrier And Octopus Enjoying Some Quality Time Together

Getting Into A Terrier Tunnel

Terrier Tunnel Dog Beds are fabulous beds for any dog that loves to tunnel or burrow under blankets, especially short coated Terriers that love to sleep tucked up in blankets too! It’s not only Terriers that love a Terrier Tunnel though … Hound types and Sighthounds also love to burrow!

Terriers love to tunnel into cosy spaces and Terrier Tunnels provide a snug, den-like space for your dog to burrow into for a really good snooze.

Many Terrier Tunnels are rather dull and boring to look at, and many are not much more than a sleeping bag for dogs which doesn’t make them very comfy when placed on the floor. The Terrier Tunnel type bed shown in the photos is designed by by Charley Chau and not only is it designed to look fabulous in your home, it also has a deep-filled luxury mattress in the base to make the bed super-comfy! The outer cover is removable too so if you need just the Tunnel Bag (e.g. when you’re travelling) you can take the cover off easily and use it on its own. Best of both worlds!