Terrier Tunnels are designed with a cosy “tunnel” for Terriers to burrow into to stay snug and warm. Terriers in particular love burrowing into a Terrier Tunnel but there are many other non-Terrier devotees too … Hound breeds such as Dachshunds and Hungarian Vizlas as well as Sighthounds including Italian Greyhounds and Whippets!

Jack Russell Terriers love burrow and sleep all cosy and snug in a den-like Terrier Tunnel!

Jack Russell Terriers love to burrow & sleep all snug in a den-like Terrier Tunnel!


Terrier Tunnel style luxury dog bed by Charley Chau with a deep-filled mattress base to create a super-comfy bed for your Terrier

 How does a dog get into a Terrier Tunnel?

Terrier Tunnels are designed with a cosy little pocket for your dog to burrow into. The blanket cover of a Terrier Tunnel is stitched in place so that your dog can tunnel underneath it easily, without the cover moving around to make it difficult to snuggle under.

Dogs simply poke their nose under the cover and in they go! Simple. Here’s an Italian Greyhound Terrier Tunnel devotee showing how it’s done …

Which types of Terriers love Terrier Tunnels?

All kinds of Terrier breeds love Terrier Tunnels! Jack Russell Terriers, Fox Terriers, Border Terriers, English Toy Terriers, Boston Terriers, Bull Terriers, Manchester Terriers … the list goes on!

So why do Terriers love Terrier Tunnels? The word Terrier comes from the French word ‘terre’ which in turn is derived from the Latin ‘terra’ (earth). Terrier type dogs were originally bred as feisty little working dogs to hunt and  control small vermin including rats, rabbits, foxes and even badgers both above and below ground – hence the burrowing instinct.

In the recent past most Terrier type dogs have been bred and kept as companion dogs but nearly all have retained some of those natural terrier instincts – including burrowing and diving into snug little spaces which is why they love Terrier Tunnels!

What makes a good Terrier Tunnel

As with any dog bed, key to comfort is the mattress. Some Terrier Tunnels are available without a mattress – bear in mind that without a mattress the Terrier Tunnel is limited to use in an existing dog bed or on your sofa unless your dog likes sleeping on hard floors! And if the Terrier Tunnel has a mattress and removable cover, the bed can be used either with or without the mattress in it – the best of both worlds!

If you’re looking at buying a Terrier Tunnel style dog bed and want to make sure you spend your money wisely then here’s some things to look out for …

The outer cover on the Terrier Tunnel:

  • Should be fully removable and machine washable – the only way to keep a dog bed hygienically clean is to wash it!
  • The pocket of the Terrier Tunnel shold have a soft, warm lining that is also breathable and moisture-wicking (takes moisture away) otherwise your dog will end up sleeping in an unpleasant, clammy bed
  • Should be made with fabrics that are good quality (e.g. upholstery grade fabrics) to withstand scratching – Terriers love to dig their beds – and to withstand regular washing!

The Terrier Tunnel mattress should be:

  • Well filled so that it is soft and supportive, so you have the choice of placing the bed directly on the floor for your dog
  • Fully machine washable – regular washing is the only way to keep your dog’s bed hygienically clean
  • Constructed so that the mattress filling doesn’t clump together – even after washing in your machine

Another thing to look for is whether or not the Terrier Tunnel is available with a separate mattress protector. Often these are waterproof mattress protectors but the key is that they act as a barrier to general dust and dirt from settling in your dog’s mattress which keeps the mattress cleaner for longer. Particularly important for larger Terrier Tunnels that are difficult to wash in home machines because of their sheer size.

The best dog bed mattress protectors are fully removable and slip over the mattress but under the outer bed cover. They should protect both the underside and top side of your dog’s mattress, be machine washable and breathable as well as waterproof. Good quality waterproof fabrics are soft and not “crunchy” so they won’t impact the comfort of your dog – similar to the waterproof fabrics used to make pillow protectors for hospitals.

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